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Year 10 Maths - 2013 Wikispace


Hi All,

These are the games we will be trying on Tuesday as revision for gradients.

From Graphs to Equations

Line Gem - Take your time to get the MOST gems
The challenge is either get 5500+ or <1100

5500+: Excellent score, they have mastered it
4800-5400: Good score, mostly get it
3800-4700: Getting there, starting to get it, should play and practice again
2600-3700: Random guess score, they don't get it
<1100: .....If you can get that low your GOOD!!

Algebra Vs Cockroaches - Fast pace, gets hard pretty quickly, good graphics, great sound but can be frustrating if you don't have the maths skills, if you beat the game, show me and I'll owe you a chocolate!

Slope-Intercept Game - Basket ball shooting, you have all the time in the world to solve it. Shooting is not easy. Great graphics but the questions can be tricky. Ace it and get a chocolate!